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SEO Plugin

Simplified: If you want to focus on SEO on your site, a good SEO plugin is a must. I’ll not only set up tracking but install a good SEO plugin so you can focus on getting seen in search engines and drive even more traffic to your...

Google Analytics Setup

Simplified: Monitoring the traffic to your site is important for so many reasons. When you’re looking to partner with brands or sponsors, they’re going to want those numbers. Let me set up tracking on your site so you can know exactly how many people are...

Ad Setup and Integration

Simplified: If you’re interested in monetizing your blog through ads then let me get you started with the ad company of your choice and integrate the ads into your site!

Gsuite Domain Email Setup

Simplified: Using the native domain you get with your domain company usually takes a little more work, and isn’t as feature rich as other options. Let me set you up with Gsuite who has an amazing domain email platform, and I’ll even include a code for 20%...

Native Domain Email Setup

Simplified: Pretty much every domain comes with a native option to create an email with your custom domain, but it can take a little work to setup. I’ll make a domain email for you (like my [email protected]) and even have it forwarded to a more easily accessible...
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